Citizens Ask Tirana Prefect to Overturn Water Price Increase

A group of Tirana citizens has asked Tirana Prefect Admir Abrija to invalidate the decisions taken by the Municipal Council during its July 26 session. Two important decisions were taken during that session, the increase in the water price and the 17 school construction concessions.

In a letter, the citizens argue that the decisions taken by the Municipal Council violated the law:

During the session of July 26, 2017 in the hall of the Municipal Council there were only 25 members present with a valid mandate and 6 new members which should received their mandate in that session, they should have been sworn in.

The session of the Municipal Council was held when in fact there was no quorum, which makes it legally impossible to swear in the 6 new members, and also to approve the draft decisions.

Based on the pertinent legislation, the citizens ask Prefect Abrija to return the decisions of July 26 to the Municipal Council.