KLSh Accuses 15 Other Government Officials

Following its accusation of the director of the Psychiatric Hospital in Vlora for abuse of office, the State Supreme Audit Institution (KLSh) has filed in recent days criminal lawsuits at the prosecution against several other (former) state officials over abuse of funds in the during the period of its most recent audit, which showed nearly half a billion euro “lost” by the state.

  • The KLSh accused 5 former registrars and 2 employees of the Local Asset Registration Office in Korça of illegally privatizing state property, causing 39.2 million lekë (€296,000) damage to the state;
  • The KLSh accused 1 former director and 3 former sector heads of the Region Directorate of the Legalization, Urbanization, and Informal Zones/Buildings Integration Agency (ALUIZNI) in Korça for illegal legalizations, causing financial damage to the compensation fund at a value of 57 million lekë (€431,000);
  • The KLSh accused 2 former directors and 2 specialist of the Local Verification Commission of Title Deeds at the Prefecture of Lezha County of not following legal stipulations in the way in which the state’s land was managed, causing 11 million lekë (€83,000) damage to the state.

So far the KLSh has only brought relatively small abuses to the prosecutor’s office. The real damage to state finances was done by the National Agency for Natural Resources and the Gambling Oversight Authority, as well as the Water and Sewerage Utility of Tirana (UKT).