Rama: Not Enough Public Investments in Durrës

In a Facebook post this morning, Prime Minister Edi Rama continues his series of party–state reports about different Albanian regions.

In Durrës, it appears that his political meeting with “common people” of the city has led to some unexpected results. The top 4 complaints are all related to infrastructure: sewerage systems, the lack of public investments, a lack of drinking water, and road infrastructure.

As regards the lack of drinking water these complaints are not surprising. Over the last 5 years, the Municipality of Durrës, led by Prime Minister Rama’s close ally Vangjush Dako, has reduced investments in the water supply system from 707.8 million lekë (€5.4 million) in 2012 to 14.82 million lekë (€112,000) in 2016.

Meanwhile, the construction of several prestige projects, one of which is designed by a convicted criminal and has all but (illegally) destroyed centuries of archeological heritage, cost a combined estimate of about €18.3 million, or 40% of Durrës’s total municipal budget of 2017.

And in spite of these enormous investments, the population of Durrës – or at least those who take the time to speak with the Prime Minister in a meeting that holds no legal or administrative value – feels that “lack of public investments” is one of the main issues plaguing their city.

So what is the Prime Minister going to do? Fire Mayor Dako, or ignore the “common people”?