Rama’s “Co-Governance Office” Received 188 Applications So Far

According to a Facebook post by Prime Minister Edi Rama, his “Co-Governance Office” has so far received 188 applications. The Co-Governance Office is supposed to facilitate the Prime Minister’s idea of “co-governance with the common people.”

Applicants are requested to present a letter of motivation, a CV, and two letters of recommendation furnished by “former deans or professors at the faculty where the applicant has studied, former employers, or respected figures from the community where the applicants has lived or is currently living.”

So far it is unclear if and how the employees of this Co-Governance Office are going to be paid and who is part of the “working group” that is in charge of setting it up. If this institution is going to be incorporated into the government administration, this means that the current application process has been held completely outside the legal framework set up of hiring government employees. If it will be part of the Socialist Party, this will mean that “co-governance” is indeed a further hollowing out of the administration and reinforcement of one-party rule.