Murderer Hektor Mahmutaj Arrested in Rotterdam

During a routine traffic check, Albanian criminal Hektor Muhmataj has been arrested by the Dutch police. Muhmataj’s rental car was checked by the police because of the dubious reputation of the rental company. After it turned out that his Greek identity papers were false it turned out that he was in fact the Albanian criminal placed on Interpol’s most wanted list.

Mahmutaj was sentenced in absentia in October 2000 to 25 years imprisonment for murdering 28-year-old shepherd Gentian Jahaj in the village of Bejar, when the latter didn’t move his flock of sheep across the road fast enough.

Mahmutaj fled to the UK, where has convicted to two and a half years imprisonment in 2007 when the police found an unlicensed rifle in his possession.

While in prison, he was informed that the extradition request of the Albania had been refused on the grounds that sending him home would violate his human rights.

It is expected that the Albanian government will now file an extradition request to the Netherlands so that Muhmataj can serve his 25-year sentence.