Kosovo FM Hoxhaj Refuses Serbian Partitioning Idea

Kosovo Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj has refused the agreement proposed by Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić to redraw the borders of Serbia and Kosovo to guarantee the independence of the Serbian minority in Kosovo.

The proposal would turn 1/5th of Kosovo’s, into an autonomous region consisting of Serb-majority municipalities. Minister Hoxhaj refused this proposal to create a “Serbian Republic” on Kosovar territory, stating that it would increase the influence of Serbia on the country.

On Twitter, Minister Hoxhaj wrote that Kosovo will have a “multi-ethnic democracy with internationally recognized borders.” He continued that “the repeated ideas of Serbia to change the border or dangerous and unacceptable.”

Minister Dačić had argued that “everyone needs a solution to he Serbia–Albania conflict, which can only be reached through an agreement […] in which all sides are ready to win and lose some.”

Besides the autonomy for Serbian municipalities, Dačić’s proposal included giving a protected status to Orthodox monasteries and a financial compensation for the properties claimed by Serbia, including energy and industrial facilities.

Both Serbia and Kosovo have expressed their hope to become EU members and have agreed to start talks to normalize their relations. Nevertheless, many Serbian nationalists are against EU membership, in favor of closer ties with Russia, and against recognition of Kosovo.

A few days go, President Aleksandar Vučić stated he was ready to solve the conflict with Kosovo even if it meant losing the support of the Serbian citizens.