Dutch Deputies Ask Parliamentary Questions about Albanian Crime

Based on a report published by the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf (translated by Exit), three deputies belonging to the Christian-Democrats have asked a series of 11 questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Security and Justice regarding the possible reinstatement of the visa regime for Albanian citizens.

The parliamentary question aim to confirm the data provided in an internal memo of the Dutch police and prosecution regarding a rapid increase in Albanian criminal activity in the Netherlands. The memo suggests the suspending the visa exemption for Albanian citizens in order to get a grip on Albanian criminals entering and residing in the country.

The three Christian-Democrat deputies, whose party will be part of the new Christian-right government headed by Prime Minister Mark Rutte, also mention the recent amendment to EC Regulation 1289/2013, which regulates the suspension mechanism for the visa liberalization regime. As Exit explained before, this amendment allows a simply majority of EU countries to automatically suspend the visa exemption of a third country, including Albania.

As a final question, the deputies ask the two ministers to evaluate the status of Albania as candidate member of the EU, “even though the country doesn’t fulfill the conditions.” The suggestion here is that not only the visa exemption has been a mistake of the EU, but also the candidate membership of Albania.