A Short History of Everyone Rama Blamed for His Mistakes

Edi Rama came to power by convincing 1 million Albanians that “it is Sali [Berisha]’s fault.” So people abandoned Sali and brought him to power, with the hope that they would be saved from Sali and his memory.

But it wasn’t so. Edi Rama passed the first two years of his government by explaining with facts why “it had been Sali’s fault,” starting with the deplorable state of the basement of the Prime Ministry, which he completely fixed, to the laziness that Sali would have taught the people, and the financial hole he had left behind.

During those two years, “it’s Sali’s fault” was accompanied by “it’s the Albanians’ fault,” because they don’t understand, are pathologically lazy and unemployed, Albanian men are parasites, etc.

In the third and fourth year, Rama added “it’s the fault of the judges and prosecutors,” making the whole world from northpole to southpole and all Albanians from Vermosh to Konispol believe that the cause of poverty, destroyed roads, broken hospitals, up to family feuds and lovers’ quarrels were to be blamed on judges and prosecutors. With the help of a few mediocre and egoistic ambassadors, he used the energy of the entire country two draft a judicial reform platform that’s so mediocre that it already failed without even starting.

With the beginning of the electoral campaign, Edi Rama announced a new group of delinquents to the people: “it’s the baking tray’s fault” – “it’s the fault of those who didn’t let us at the steering wheel.” The people were convinced and handed him the baking tray and steering wheel with the hope that this would also but an end to all the blame.

But it wasn’t so. Not even a few weeks after his electoral victory, Edi Rama announced to the people that “it’s the fault of the asset registration directors,” that he had nominated. One week later he announced that he had found yet another group to blame, because “it’s the fault of the hospital directors,” even though he had removed most of the healthcare management from their hands and had given it to his private clients.

Yesterday, Edi Rama uncovered yet another group that was holding back the country, Albania’s ambassadors around the world, which hadn’t brought any foreign investment to the country, even though the few investors present in the country are packing their bags because of the pressure from the government and its clients.

This is just the beginning of Edi Rama’s second mandate, and it seems reasonable that within four years it will the fault of us all. One person, however, will never be to blame: Edi Rama.