Himara, Protestors Interrupt Municipal Council Session

After recent protests against the expropriations of property belonging to the Greek minority in Himara, several protestors have interrupted a session of the local municipal council today.

According to Mayor Jorgo Goro, the council met in order to approve the general local plan of the town. In a telephonic interview with Ora News Goro further stated that

Representative of OMONIA, organized by the leader of OMONIA, Alfred Bejleri, together with [Nikollaq] Neranxi, with their people, entered the municipality by force, interrupting the meeting of the council.

We informed the order police […]. The municipal council had not started the meeting. The members of PBDNj were there.

OMONIA is a local movement supporting the rights of the Greek minority. Recent protests had been led by Neranxi and Bejleri. The PBDNj, which also supports the Greek minority, has a seat in Parliamen (through the PD), is led by Vangjel Dule.