Thaçi: Solution to Conflict with Serbia Is Full Recognition of Independence

Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi, who is currently in Brussels in a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has released a press statement in which he explains his position regarding the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo:

It is time to reflect very seriously on our road ahead. Today’s reality in the international arena is very different. We need to fit carefully in this complex international environment, in a way that we also further keep the support of our main Western partners to make our aspiration to become members of the UN, NATO, and EU a reality.

According to President Thaçi, the key to these three aspirations is the normalization of Kosovo’s relations with Serbia:

It sounds bad and maybe it’s unjust for us, but to a great extent the speed at which the above three key aims can be arrived at depends on our ability to arrive at a final political agreement to normalize the relations with this neighboring state. Without a doubt, the full normalization implies a reciprocal recognition between the two states.

The Kosovar President also called upon the different political parties to come a quick formation of a new government. The process has been stalled for months, as no single party is able to form a majority government.