Byzantine Villa Discovered in Durrës

According to news outlet Amfora, archeologists have discovered the remains of a luxurious Byzantine villa from the 7th century in the courtyard of a private house in Durrës. Excavations, held in the context of the project “Durrës during Late Antiquity” have revealed a pillar of 3.5 m and a surface paved with marble, which is thought to have served as a pool. The walls were supposedly covered with mosaics, considering the number of ceramic pieces found on the site.

The stratigraphy of the site shows four different levels, which after abandonment was used as a grave site. One layer from the Middle Ages shows a burnt material. On the surface there are walls and a well dating back to the 18th century.

The archeological finds were made in the courtyard of the private house of the Dakoli family, in the same neighborhood as the “Durrës mosaic” was found. Proper archeological exploration has been unfortunately relegated to private lands, as the municipality of Durrës, led by Vangjush Dako, has showed little respect for finds being made on public lands.