Assets of 68 Judges and Prosecutors To Be Reinvestigated

The assets of 68 judges and prosecutors will be reinvestigated because there are doubt that during the first investigation documents were missing and data was hidden.

According to data from the Directorate of Asset Registration, the recently nominated chief registrar Blerina Doracaj has ordered the asset control process to be redone, especially regarding real estate.

The Directorate of Asset Registration will form a working group that expect the completing the missing items from the judges’ and prosecutors’ dossiers, will investigate those responsible for the omissions within the directorate.

Civil servants who have hidden data about the assets held by judges and prosecutors will be held criminally accountable, as well as those who have dragged along verification process and violated the legal deadlines.

The working group is expected to finish its work on September 15. The verification of the assets of about 800 judges and prosecutors is based on the vetting law.