Greek President Pavlopoulos: Himara Obstruction for Albanian EU Integration

It appears that the problem with properties owned by the Greek minority in Himara is turning into an important point that the Greek state is not willing to disregard. After the opposition expressed by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs against the urban masterplan of Himara, which includes the destruction of several properties to construct a public square, Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos has commented publicly on the matter.

During a dinner organized for the visit of French President Emmanual Macron in Greek, the Greek President declared that Albania is obstructing its own path toward the EU:

Neighboring Albania should find its place in the EU, but with full respect for European rights. And one of the pillars of European rights are human rights. When we see the violation of such fundamental rights, such as for example the right of property, how is it possible that Greece would favor such a European perspective, of a state that violates European rights?!

The Himara masterplan was adopted by the municipal council after protests of the Greek minority, and several public protests, attended also by Greek diplomats and minority leaders. Omonia leader Alfred Bejleri had threatened during one of these protests that Greece and Cyprus would block the EU accession of Albania.