From: Karl Kuçi
Attack on Online Erotic Service Creates Questions concerning Legislation

A few days ago, the news spread in Tirana that there are 5,000 girls registered as online prostitutes, through a supposedly British website, which offers erotic chat services in exchange for money. The girls offer, through Internet video streaming, auto eroticism and other erotic gymnastics, alluring the client, who pays directly online for these shows.

Apparently the numbers are really interesting for the administrators of this activities: around 200 to 400 pounds, so, around 250 to 500 euros for a one hour show on command.

Surely, the revenue doesn’t all go to the girls, the administrator that supplies clients all around the world, and above all guarantees the charging system, demands his share.

It seems like a good business, but the Albanian police, pure and moralistic, has interrupted these practices in the past days, charging with prostitution (and respectively for favoring prostitution) the show girls and the “madam” of the electronic brothel, who commented that she was unaware that this activity was prohibited.

Is this “online tutor” to bear all the blame, and are we sure that such an activity can be labelled prostitution? What is the difference between the publisher of a pornographic newspaper and our “tutor”?

Appearing naked and speaking openly about a sexual act cannot be much different from the one that happens during a lap dance in a bar, where artists play in a scene that forms a symbol of a man’s sexual prowess, and the fact that there is a charge to enter the bar and for drinks and not directly for the performance cannot be much different from online clients who pay for the time that the “artist” is available online, without any physical contact, for his desires and whims.

Unfortunately, the profound hypocrisy of the Albanian legislation forbids and sanctions exchanging sexual favors for money, which in many places is a free possibility for people.

In the history of people there are plenty of stories of careers, enrichment, power, built thanks to sexual favors. In the Albanian past and current history as well, there are many cases of women who have achieved success through the careful use of their charms or the purposeful offering of sex. If the Albanian society wouldn’t be so macho, the list could be expanded with many men.

Surprisingly, a law preferred by Berisha during his time, aiming to clean the bad image of Albania as a result of thousands of Albanian prostitutes serving in the streets of Europe, has sanctioned sex to be performed only for love, so only for free, while many shady motels appeared along the streets of Albania, pretending to be tourist spots.

In any case, the question of the “online tutor” is interesting, if it is a crime to hook up for money, are we completely sure that to take money without hooking up, only by looking, is a crime?

If this is so, a simple walk of prosecutors through the Blloku area would bring so many charges that stadiums would be full.