Government Slashes Number of Vetting Employees

The Socialist Party member of the Legal Affairs Committee today approved 110 employees for the two vetting bodies, the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) and Appeals College (KA). Opposition parties PD and LSI left Parliament in protest before the vote took place.

On Saturday, the majority and the opposition were engaged in a heated exchange over the number of employees that both institutions would receive, with the opposition accusing the Socialist Party of undermining the independence of the vetting institutions.

Natasha Mulaj, chair of the Appeals College stated in the Legal Affairs Committee that a total of 185 employees was necessary for the institutions to function properly, and that the number was the result of months of works by experts. Mulaj had stated that a lower number of employees would be unacceptable.

Nevertheless, the majority, approving only 60% of the necessary employees, denied the request of the independent vetting institutions. The Parliament will vote on Thursday about the decision made by the Legal Affairs Committee.