Rama’s Cognitive Dissonance through the Roof

Prime Minister Edi Rama has the tendency to say one thing to foreigners and another to Albanians, quite often the complete opposite.

In front of foreigners he carefully tries to create an image of a sincere, intellectual, responsible, humble, modest, and Western leader. But toward Albanians he shows his true face: arrogant, abusive, insensitive, arrogant.

This type of cognitive dissonance has been recently on display in a poignant manner, during his speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations, and during an interview in Albanian for Zëri i Amerikës.

UN, September 22, 2017

People around the world should be safe, free from violence, oppression, persecution, and fear. They should be treated with dignity and know that their life is important, without distinction of race, nationality or social class, religious or political convictions, wealth, or any other status. In order to arrive at these goals we have to go beyond declarations.

People rightfully demand from us to show responsibility and capability to act. The commitment to leave no one behind is a foundation stone of the Agenda of 2030. Albania is fully committed to defend and protect human rights

Zëri i Amerikës, September 22, 2017


Shkoza does not mean anything and doesn’t merit, I think, a comment up to New York and Washington… Who has built without permit, occupying main roads, occupying the spaces of development, of course can make no claims and will not be pampered, nor compensated, nor expropriated, but simply should and deserves to be treated with care, not leaving him homeless, but giving him the possibility of a rent paid by the collective, for a determinate period, until these families later are accommodated there were they are able to accommodate themselves on their own…

There are not many roads for creating a state, for doing work, for creating welfare. The road is clear and this road there will of course be worries of that sort, but these are worries pertaining to a very small minority, in comparison with the great importance that the solution of these problems has for the majority.

As Exit explained before, the issue of Shkoza shows the great number of legal violations and human rights infractions of Prime Minister Rama’s government.