Albin Kurti Turns against Edi Rama over Border Issue

Former Vetëvendosja leader Albin Kurti has responded on Facebook to the declarations of Prime Minister Rama about the revision of the border agreement between Kosovo and Montenegro. The border agreement is a condition for Schengen visa liberalization for Kosovo, but has been vehemently opposed by Kurti in the past.

On his Facebook, Kurti writes:

While the progress in this respect is very slow, and often more ceremonial than substantial, we heard [Prime Minister Edi] Rama asking [Ramush] Haradinaj, the current Prime Minister of Kosovo, to change his position on the demarcation line with Montenegro.

So Rama is asking that, against what is shown on maps, official documents, by expert professionals, in institutional archives, in popular memory, and with a massive civil petition, an unjust agreement that takes 8,200 ha from Kosovo’s territory be embraced.

Kurti furthermore stated that the Prime Minister of Albania would do well to deal with the Kosovo–Albania agreement and to stop talking about the demarcation issue:

With its 32 deputies the Vetëvendosja movement is the largest party in Parliament. In the most meritorious way we will deal with the Kosovo–Montenegro Demarcation Agreement. From our Prime Minister Edi Rama we expect that he deals with the realization of the Albania–Kosovo agreement. And we also expect him to contribute to the elevation of social-democracy and the unification of the nation. We have no time to lose nor land to give away.