Rama Demands Resignation of AKU Directors

Prime Minister Edi Rama continued yesterday with his public shows dismissals of government officials, a practice he has started after the elections with his announcement of a platform of “co-governance with the ordinary people.”

During a meeting with all the current directors of the National Food Authority (AKU), Prime Minister Rama declared that this institution “ruins the life of the entrepreneur”:

AKU is a national problem. An institution that issues fines, ruins the life of the entrepreneur, terrorizes shops and small traders, and which in the end doesn’t even fulfill its own mission.

Making clear that he had left the AKU in the hands of former coalition partners LSI and PDIU during his first mandate, Prime Minister Rama called upon the directors “that have been appointed politically” to hand in their resignation:

The AKU directors that were politically appointed have to go by themselves. The AKU is a hotbed of corruption. A hotbed were issuing fines for corruptive aims is the standard. You know very well what I’m talking about. Among you are the main players of that corruption.

Previously, the Prime Minister has public dismissed, without any investigation, control, or evidence, directors and employees in the healthcare system as well as the asset registration offices.

It appears that the cleaning up of the administration has now been taken fully in hand by the Prime Minister. Neither nor law nor regulation is invoked in the arbitrary show processes he stages for the followers of his Facebook channel ERTV.

If it indeed the case that the directors of the AKU were corrupted, they should be brought before a court of law and be punished for their violations of the law. If there is indeed proof of widespread corruption this needs to be brought to light, rather than to be used for the personal blackmailing strategies of the Prime Minister.