Basha: National Economy in the Hands of Crime

During a speech in Parliament today opposition leader Lulzim Basha raised the alarm about the spread of criminal activities throughout Albania’s economic system.

The construction sector is falling in the hands of crime, the tourism sector also, and the banking sector through the efforts of specific gangs that are shielded directly by Edi Rama. Shocking facts will be published in the coming weeks by international partners. Soon the entire infrastructure of the country, concessions, the 1 Billion Euro scheme, will be handed over to crime, the entire country.

Basha, however, failed to indicate what these “shocking facts” are, and if they are more shocking than the consistent corruption and maladministration throughout the government.

Albania is today kneeling down before crime. Unprotected, afraid, and uncertain, and you are responsible, Edi Rama, because you hold responsibility and are in bed with crime.

The criminals kill in the middle of the day in the middle of the city and you giggle. You didn’t say any word here about the innocent victims of the C4 and kalashnikovs because you are insensitive also in a personal sense. These last two days a 55-year-old and an 18-year-old have been wounded by the gangs.

The opposition leader accused Prime Minister Rama as the main responsible for the situation of crime in the country, stating that “organized crime cannot be fought when Rama himself is organized crime.”

On balance, during 4 years of government you have managed to change the political direction of the country. Instead of Albania prioritizing employment and integration the daily theme has become drugs, crime, you links with crime, and the increase of criminal activity. If you saw the Balkan Barometer, half of the population wants to leave.

Finally, Basha also blamed the PS deputies of having ties with crime:

Half of you have arrived in Parliament through crime. Rama attacks the opposition for an hour and says not a word about crime. Why? Because he is one with them. Those convicted for drugs, prostitution, and murder have become deputies for Edi Rama. Your party is overcome with criminals. In your offices the bandits take out their guns.