Habilaj Dossier: Not Even €20M Is Enough for Saimir’s Election Campaign

In the police dossier deposited at the Court of Catania about the criminal activities of Moisi Habilaj and his Albanian and Italian collaborators contains several references to Saimir Tahiri, providing a revealing insight into how the former Minister of Interior profited from the drug trafficking of the Habilaj brothers, and how he used that profit for the electoral campaign of the Socialist Party of Prime Minister Edi Rama in 2013.

December 12, 2013

The first conversation intercepted by the Italian police was registered in a Fiat Bravo, between Moisi Habilaj and Sabaudian (Sabi) Celaj:

The two speak of a powerful man named “Sajmir Tahiri (deputy in Albania),” a politician. Moisi says “he has more than us.” Sabi replies that Saimir has only the name (in the sense of fame, position) but does not believe he has more money than them. Moisi calculates that Saimir in a month has made at least 5 million euros. Sabi says that the money he loses/leaves the money in the election campaign. Moisi says that not even 20 million is enough for him in an election campaign.

Sabi says that he said that for his nephew 10 thousand euros per month is enough for “the job” he does and adds “that would serve us … but that’s a bad guy that nephew.” Moses tells him he does not care if he is a bad guy. Sabi tells him that the important thing is that he does not ask questions and does not become known, and that the important thing is that it does not become knownthat gave money to him. Moses replies no and does not believe it will happen. Sabi repeatedly feared that the nephew would talk to others about the guy who gave money to him (referring to Saimir).

December 16, 2013

Another intercepted conversation between Habilaj and Celaj in the Fiat Bravo:

Moisi enters the car and tells Sabi that he has bought to bracelets for the wife of Saimir and one for his mother. Sabi asks him who much they cost.

Moisi: Enough.

Sabi: 1000 euro?

Moisi: How much?

Sabi: 2000…


S: 500?

M: 700 … fuck you … 10,000 lekë without 1,000 lekë (he means 9000 euro)

S: You brought that much in total?

M: I brought 20

S: 10 in total which?

M: 2 bracelets

S: 2,000 euro?

M: 9,000 euro … they were 18 (18,000 euro) and they have cut it in hald

S: You gave them cash in hand?

M: Yes

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March 3, 2014

Another intercepted conversation between Habilaj and Celaj:

In addition, during their debates on their debts with their allies in Albania, Habilaj and Celaj once again referred explicitly to some sums due to a certain Saimir, probably referring to his cousin Saimir Bashkim Tahiri, Minister of Interior of the Republic of Albania, as well as peoplein Albanian institutions, apparently their collaborators:

Habilaj: You think … apart from the debts that we have … we have 75 thousand lekë (75,000.00€) … that are automatically due … 30 of “the uncle” … 30 of them I need to bring to “Saimir” … that makes 60 … and 15 of the boat … that is used for strength … that’s 75 thousand lekë … then 100 that are … 72 are of the guy in Fier … 20 of Arsen … 170 thousand lekë! … … we subtract also those of the state the we have …

The report notes in a footnote to the name of Tahiri: “Recall that Habilaj and Celaj had come to Sicily in an Audi A8 with number plate AA003GB registered to Saimir Bashkim Tahiri, as mentioned Minister of Interior of the Republic of Albania.”

In a press conference yesterday, Tahiri claimed that Habilaj and Celaj had only mentioned his name “to brag”:

Of course there are endless criminals that use the names of politicians or ministers to brag to each other in order to increase profits. I am neither the first nor the last.