From: Desada Metaj
The “Family Dossiers” of the Socialist Party

The publication of the dossier full with wiretaps of the brothers Habilaj has immediately created doubts that the war between the clans within the Socialist Party is heavier than ever before and the relations with the criminal world, even if they may not be all true, at least to serve as an unbridgeable division between the different factions.

Several media reported two days ago that the dossier in which former Minister of Interior is mentioned was published with the “blessing” of the current Minister Fatmir Xhafaj. Minister Xhafaj, in an attempt to erase the myth of his predecessor and maybe to grant the request of the new police chiefs, is mentioned by several media as the person who “furnished” the media and the PD with the material.

There is no source to confirm this news with certainty, but the fact that no one in the PS except for Elisa Spiropali has publicly defended the former and most successful minister of the Rama 1 government, suggests that the “abandonment” of Tahiri is not random and uncoordinated.

But Minister Xhafaj is also faced with the risk of the publication of his family ties with organized crime. While Saimir Tahiri is accused of having relations with several remote cousins that are part of a criminal organization, the brother of Fatmir Xhafaj is currently wanted internationally as a member of a criminal organization in Italy. The dossier of the Minister Xhafaj’s brother created by the Italian anti-mafia forces is in the hands of several former directors of the Ministry of Interior and several sources confirm that it contains details on the criminal activities and role of Agron Xhafaj.

Even thought the Minister Xhafaj has claimed that he is not responsible for the actions of his brother, the crucifixion of his predecessor for links with his cousins doesn’t leave him in a safe spot.

Fatmir Xhafaj, being one of the main designers of the judicial reform, has declared black on white that not even prosecutors or judges with criminal fourth-degree cousins will not escape justice. And maybe has was right to say so, considering the current state of the judicial system in Albania. But this double standard won’t help the Minister of Interior when in the coming days his enemies in the party will disclose the Italian dossier of his brother Agron.

This also shows immediately that the carelessness with which Edi Rama chooses his collaborators and the ease with which he throws them out is not the best way to govern the country, the motto of which for months will continue to be the criminalization of politics and government.