Albanian Drugs Continues to Flood Italy, and No One in Albania Holds Responsibility

With all the additional controls of the Albanian police the last few days, with all the vetting announced by Minister of Interior Fatmir Xhafaj in the police, with all the “bitter war” that Prime Minister Edi Rama has declared against drug traffickers, large amounts of drugs continue to pass from the Albanian shores to the Italian ones, where they are seized by the Guardia di Finanza.

Only during last night, 3,546 kg cannabis was captured in Italy:

  • 1,505 kg cannabis were seized by the Guardia di Finanza on the shores of Bari. The drugs were transported from Albania to Italy by two Albanians, which have been arrested by the police;
  • 2,041 kg were seized in the province of Ferrara. The drugs was transported by a 19-year-old Albania, who was arrested.

In spite of the continuous failure of the State Police to capture the drugs before it leaves the country and the publication of the Habilaj dossier, which not only mentioned former Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri as part of a criminal organization, but also the State Police and the Naval Operations Interinstitutional Center (QNOD), which, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense, has assisted the Habilaj gang, not a single minister, former minister, or director of the office has held their responsibility.