MEP Pack Criticizes Albanian Government and EU Ambassador Vlahutin

Over the weekend, MEP Doris Pack, chairwoman of the EPP’s Women’s Forum, criticized EU Ambassador Romana Vlahutin and the European Commission for remaining silent in the face of the Habilaj–Tahiri affair, involving Saimir Tahiri, former Minister of Interior and right hand of Prime Minister Edi Rama, in international drug trafficking and corruption.

Last week, MEP Pack also accused the Albanian government for “hindering justice,” after it had launched a public campaign to discredit the prosecution and insult the media.

MEP Pack has repeatedly spoken out publicly against the cannabization of Albania, most recently in April, when she stated at a political event in Brussels:

Albania is currently experiencing a real madness. The cannabis cultivation is spreading throughout the country, thus there’s a risk that Albania may turn into a main source of narcotics cultivation and smuggling. On the other side dozens of individuals with criminal records become part of the administration after paying large sums to Prime Minister, Edi Rama while the professionals are fired for their political beliefs.