Tension in Parliament, Insults and Accusations

Deputies of the PD and LSI requested today Speaker of Parliament to expel Prime Minister Edi Rama from the session after the latter uttered a series of insults addressed at PD deputy and former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

The tension in Parliament grew after Speaker Ruçi refused, in violation of the Parliamentary Regulations, to give the floor to PD deputy Flamur Noka. Based on art. 49(1) of the Regulations, Noka had requested the floor for a procedural point regarding Speaker Ruçi’s handling of Prime Minister Rama’s insults. Noka demanded that the Regulations be followed and that he be given floor, and occupied the pulpit, which at that moment was occupied by LSI deputy Shezai Rrokaj.

Ruçi subsequently expelled Noka from Parliament in a repetition of his gesture last week, when he expelled PD leader Lulzim Basha after the latter complained about similar regulatory violations of the Speaker.

Subsequently, Basha claimed that Prime Minister Rama himself was linked to the dramatic increase in criminal-gang-related violence in the last few weeks:

Today, at the order of Rama, Gramoz Ruçi has thrown the Parliament into a collapse by violating the Regulations. He has done so to avoid a debate about the issue of elections, to avoid a debate about the issue of crime that nowadays controls the main cities of Albania. Like it controls Lushnja, where yesterday the umpteenth calamity happened, like it controls Elbasan, Shijak, Shkodra, Lezha, Kruja, Vlora, Fier, Dibra, and Tepelena.

Edi Rama is afraid to confront the truth and the truth is that all these gang today control Albania because they are allied to Edi Rama. […]

Edi Rama with his puppet Gramoz Ruçi has come out for two weeks to violate the Regulations and postpone the confrontation that the Albanians deserve.

The opposition has the floor. If we are denied our right to speak there is no longer parliamentarism. Noka didn’t violate the Regulations, Ruçi did at the order of Rama.

As Exit explained before, Speaker of Parliament Ruçi has violated numerous articles from the Parliamentary Regulations in his attempt to impose “order” in Parliament.