From: Carloalberto Rossi
The Only True Opposition Leader

Unexpectedly, the chief of the secret service, Visho Ajazi, accused of being in the camp of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, resigned, allowing his deputy, proposed by Prime Minister Edi Rama. With this action he has made any possible resistance of President Meta unnecessary, as well as any attempt of the so-called united opposition to protect him on the chess board of Albanian politics.

In a few months, also the mandate of General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla will end, and Edi Rama will be able to nominate one of his own people through a simple majority in Parliament. At this point the only protection of the opposition will be the vetting, which, if we are to believe the declarations more than the actual aims, will select independent and untainted judges and prosecutors. But now that it’s known that the vetting will use data reserved to and produced by the secret services, these can be used to make any official not preferred by the government disappear.

In that case it will be checkmate. Unconditional surrender. A useless generation, useless hopes, and 25 years of transition in the trash.

Any possible defense of the united opposition will be powerless. At that moment Rama will have an absolute power over the country that hasn’t been seen in 30 years, since the time of Enver Hoxha.

Then it will maybe be no longer necessary to unexpectedly free criminals from jail, because the dirty work can be done by the police itself. Nobody will be safe any longer.

Anyone who is a problem will be taken care of by the police, through some type of ridiculous process as was used against Dritan Zagani or other officers who refused to fall in line.

The so-called opposition, crushed by its own overused tactics, internal strife, and total incompetence to have a vision and take political action, abandoned by its pragmatic supporters in search for winning leaders, has now started to reposition itself in a conflict-avoiding strategy, perhaps accepting the status quo without having the strength to respond with the hope to mould the popular resentment in its favor, secretly hoping on the mercy and collaboration of their opponents of yesterday.

There refrain seems to be “Better a place at the servants’ table than on the scaffold – and sooner or later he’ll need me…”

This a weak and troubled hope, a mere justification for the certain and catastrophic loss that awaits the opposition, a fake leadership that only serves itself.

The people have lost all hope to build a better world in this country. It’s a people that smells the scorched earth, that has lost all trust in political leaders that have brought them here, that knows what awaits them, through taxes and fines, if not worse. But the people also remember the dictatorship and censor themselves. “Praise to the party” is an old slogan, which today is still useful in order to survive as a faithless servant in an autocratic climate.

The only hope, the only attention is focused on the investigations of the Prosecution of Catania, which may finally prove what everyone knows but doesn’t want to know, and which may start, from Italy, a process that no one can stop.

An independent, able, and uncorruptable person who may be able to do what Albanians have been unable to do, someone who pummels the system, and with the sword of justice in hand directs the people toward a European, emancipated future, someone who will build the longed-for new world, someone whose name we don’t even know: the Prosecutor of Catania.