Lu: Let’s for Once Eat the Big Fish

During the presentation of the interinstitutional task Force for the war on crime, US Ambassador Donald Lu today declared:

Tomorrow the government will meet to approve a new task force of the Albanian Police. This new structure will take on the war against organized crime. This operation will be the moment of truth, the moment of truth for the connections of crime with politics. Here we’ll see who truly supports crime.

Referring to the work that needs to be done, Ambassador Lu referred to the Albanian saying “the big fish eats the little one”: “Let’s for once in Albania eat the big one.”

The US Ambassador also referred to the two FBI agents that arrived in Albania to assist the task force, Mark Newhouse and Jack Liao:

Our program for police assistance is ready to have an international councillor that will work within this interinstitutional task force. Our assistance for the prosecution and police will support the development of new institutions in the war against organized crime.

The name of the new interinstitutional task will be called “The Power of the Law.”