Basha: Rama’s Attack on Journalists Is Criminal

Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha has called Rama’s speech yesterday at the opening of the EU–Western Balkans media days, in which he attacked the media and accused them of violating human right, “criminal”:

The speech yesterday of Rama against journalists is a criminal speech. Journalists are among the people most at risk in the world, and often the target of crime and corrupt politicians.

The climate that Rama creates encourages precisely criminals to attack journalists that report and investigate crime and corruption. The man who has showered only praise and caresses on Elvis Rroshi, Saimir Tahiri, and other criminal with whom he surrounds himself, should immediately stop his dangerous language.

The opposition leader asked journalists and international organizations to denounce and not be silent in the fact of this hateful and violent speech of Prime Minister Rama.

The Prime Minister immediately responded to Basha, stating:

To respect the media means to respect their freedom even when they lie and slander, but not to remain silent when their lies and slander pile up in front of you. Just like also now, at the moment, you’re free to lie to and slander me, as you’re already doing for some months – I’m sorry for you, but it’s right to become ridiculous again.