UKT Price Hike Approved, Drinking Water Price Increases 40%

On November 7, the Water Regulation Entity (ERrU) has approved an increase in the drinking water price of 40% for families and businesses in Tirana.

According to the new water tariffs, the price of drinking water will increase from 45 to 65 lekë per cubic meter for families, whereas it will increase from 135 to 190 lekë for businesses.

In July Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj justified the water price hike as a form of investment into the ailing water infrastructure. Even though the continuing failure of the Tirana Water Utility (UKT) to provide 24-hour drinking to the capital, and only 22.4% of the water actually invoiced to citizens and businesses, he claimed that the disproportionate increase would “fix” the water supply system.

The proposal led to protests and was rushed through the Municipal Council, which illegally approved it without the necessary quorum.