Vetting Has Started with the First Judges and Prosecutors

After months of delay, the reassessment of judges and prosecutors (“vetting”) appears to have started in all earnestness. The three vetting institutions, the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK), the Appeals College (KA), and the Public Commissioners, have been nominated, their building inaugurated, and their budgets and staff slashed by the government.

The KPK has organized a lottery to pick a number of judges, prosecutors, and Constitutional and High Court cases that will be reassessed, a process that will be supported by the International Monitoring Operation (ONM).

So far the KPK has selected the following cases and persons:

  • 35 dossiers from the Constitutional Court and High court, which will be evaluated by the Inspectoriate of the High Council of Justice and then forwarded to the KPK;
  • 6 judges from the Court of Tirana;
  • 2 judges from the Court of Serious Crimes;
  • 4 prosecutors from the Prosecution of Tirana.

The process will include with the evaluation of the candidate members for the High Judicial Council and the High Prosecutorial Council, two new institutions envisioned by the judicial reform.

Assessees can appeal against the decision of the KPK at the Appeals College, which operates on the level of the Constitutional Court. Also Public Commissioners will be able to file an appeal if that’s in the interest of the general public.