Ballsh, Another Refinery Worker Injured

Yesterday morning, another worker in the ARMO refinery in Ballsh has been injured in the factory as the result of a fire. The injured worker was brought to a hospital, while firefighters were able to extinguish the fire.

According to a police declaration, the fire resulted from the burning of toxic waste from the refinery.

One year ago, an explosion in the ARMO refinery left one worker dead and give wounded. In September 2017 the workers protested and sent an open letter to the government, stating:

The oil workers work under difficult circumstances, without drinking water, without technical safety, without medical care, without insurance. We seek an immediate intervention because our lives are put at risk.

The refinery in Ballsh was reopened in September 2016, and is currently managed by the Ionian Refining and Trading Company, an offshore company located on the Virgin Islands. Ionian Refining and Trading Company is represented by former fighter pilot and US oil “tycoon” Harry Sargeant III. According to several articles in the US media, Sargeant has a history of legal conflict and bribery.