Torrential Rain, 300 People Evacuated

According to the Ministry of Interior, at least 100 people were evacuated during the night in shopping mall City Park, in Tirana. In the area of Shkodra 200 people were evacuated.

In Fushë-Kruja, 14 families were evacuated because of floods caused by the river Zeza, while in Derven floods of the river Ishëm caused the evacuation of 4 other families.

The river Vjosa is expected to overflow its banks due to heavy rain feeding the Seman and Shkumbin rivers, putting Vlora and Fier at risk of flooding.

The highway from Tirana to Durrës was blocked because of floods, while several other main arteries were blocked as well.

The heavy rainfall has also caused considerable blackouts in the electricity supply throughout the country.

Heavy rainfall is expected to continue into the weekend.