7 Opposition Members and 1 Socialist Expelled from Parliament

The Bureau of the Parliament decided today to expel 7 opposition deputies from Parliament for 10 days for their actions during the session of December 18, when Temporary Prosecutor General Arta Marku was elected.

  1. Monika Kryemadhi (party leader of LSI)
  2. Kejdi Mehmetaj (LSI)
  3. Endrit Brahimllari (LSI)
  4. Bardh Spahia (PD)
  5. Ervin Salianji (PD)
  6. Flamur Noka (PD)
  7. Endri Hasa (PD)

The request for their expulsion was made by the Socialist Party, which accused the deputies of using improper language, launching personal attacks against the majority, and preventing the session from proceeding regularly.

PS deputy Bujar Çela has been expelled for 5 days after complaints from the opposition for using physical violence against Kejdi Mehmetaj.