Italian Ambassador Cutillo: Election of Arta Marku Is “Missed Opportunity”

In an interview with Artur Nura from Italian radio channel Radio Radicale, Italian ambassador Alberto Cutillo called the election of Temporary Prosecutor General Arta Marku a “missed opportunity.”

The person who has been chosen, beyond her professional merits that are certainly many and therefore do not have to undermine her work, was chosen only by one political party and this I think was a missed opportunity.

Cutillo also elaborated on the supposedly “temporary” character of her position:

As regards the appointment of the Procurator General, which you mentioned, it is certainly a pity that the reform could not be implemented within the scheduled time frame and thus have the appointment of a prosecutor according to the new procedures.

Unfortunately, the times did not allow it to do so. I believe only this: that it would have been good to choose the prosecutor in a consensual manner, even if as we have already said, this prosecutor does not have the powers the previous one has and is a temporary figure, but of course an important figure.

She is temporary but nobody can tell us how long she will last and sometime temporary situations can also last for a long time. Thus, for the best of Albania, a consensual choice would have been appropriate, a choice that therefore wouldn’t create divisions.

Unfortunately, and here we say the political parties all have to question their respective responsibilities, unfortunately we did not arrive at this type of choice.