Prosecution Demands Revocation of Parliamentary Mandates of Rakipi and Rahovica

The Prosecution Office has today requested the Central Election Committee (KQZ) to revoke the mandates of two deputies, Aqif Rakipi (PDIU) and Gledjon Rahovica (LSI) on the basis of the decriminalization law.

Both Rakipi and Rahovica have been on the radar of the Prosecution since February 2017 in relation to their self-declaration forms, which are mandatory under the decriminalization law, together with Artan Gaçi (PS), Armando Prenga (PS), Omer Mamo (PDIU), and Mhill Fufi (former PD), as well as Mayor of Poliçan Adriatik Zotkaj (PS), Mayor of Tepelena Tërmet Peçi (PS), and Mayor of Pogradec Eduard Kapri (LSI). Lying on the self-declaration form can lead to revocation of a parliamentary mandate by the KQZ.

In February, the mandate of Prenga was revoked, while the KQZ refused to revoke the mandates of Peçi and Zotkaj. Gaçi announced he wouldn’t return to Parliament after the elections. The status of the other investigations is unclear.

In August, Rakipi caused a scandal after killing a 53-year-old pedestrian with his car, fleeing the crime scene. In response, the PD demanded him to be stripped of his parliamentary immunity.