Other Unqualified KLP Candidates Hiding their Past

A day after the ad-hoc subcommittee of the parliamentary Legal Affairs Commission elected a High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) candidate who plagiarized his platform and a High Judicial Council (KLGj) candidate who lied on his decriminalization form, the Democratic Party published a new archival document showing that Kozma Jano, one of the two KLP candidates from the ranks of the advocates, had been informant for the Sigurimi secret service during the communist regime.

According to the document published by the PD, Jano was an informant in the port of Durrës, and had been recruited by Sefer Alikaj. His pseudonym was telefoni (the telephone). Jano failed to declare his past function on his decriminalization self-declaration form.

Another candidate from the ranks of the advocates, elected for the KLGj, Sokol Lamaj, owned a legal office which failed to pay its social insurances to the state.

In both cases, Secretary General of Parliament Genci Gjonçaj should have disqualified the candidates as they are not of the highest moral integrity. In both cases, however, Gjonçaj approved their candidacies. This fits a pattern in which Gjonçaj, a former Central Election Commission member for the Socialist Party, has ignored negative recommendations of the International Monitoring Operation regarding several of the candidates.