EU Attempts to Restrain Albanian Illegal Immigration

In contrast to two years ago, when EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos arrived in Albania with the purpose of signing an agreement for the conservation of EU borders in the face of Syrian immigration, today he signed an agreement for the conservation of EU borders in the face of Albanian illegal emigration and organized crime.

“We need to bring down the number of cases of visa-free abuses. We all want to ensure and safeguard visa-free mobility. […] This agreement will ensure a better management of illegal emigration, a common interest of both Albania and the EU.” the EU commissioner stated, thus indicating that Albanian illegal emigration and abuse of the visa liberalization is currently a real concern for EU countries.

The EU commissioner spoke also about Albanian organized crime, drugs, and terrorism in the EU, saying:

Like terrorism, organized crime and drug rings know no borders. Attempts against them can only be effective if we cooperate in a coordinated manner.

Today we have signed a mutual agreement with regards to the war on drugs. In the future, Albania will be able to access funds that deal with anti-drug policies.

Following the publication of last week’s enlargement strategy that reiterated the main priorities concerning opening negotiations with the EU – fighting corruption and organized crime, strengthening democratic institutions and economic development, it seems that commissioner Avramopoulos’s visit and the signing of this agreement is a direct measure undertaken by the EU to curb illegal emigration and drugs coming in from Albania.