Lu’s Complicated Relation with Fishing

A few days ago, US ambassador Donald Lu – who had promised that, as a result of vetting and the judicial reform he has backed so firmly, within January there would be “big fish” arrests – attempted to present proof to back this assertion, emerging self-satisfied with the confiscation of 620 kg of cocaine, belonging to Arbri Garden shpk in Maminas.

“From this point of view, Arbër Çekaj is a big fish,” Lu stated, finally relieved of the anxiety his previous triumphant statement must have had him under. He continued:

Albania has a long history of arresting little fish and ignoring big ones.

Precisely! And, once again, the Albanian police has arrested merely the driver of the vehicle transporting the container and an employee of the company, while the company’s owner Arbër Çekaj, if even he can be considered “big fish,” left quietly towards Kosova.

A lot of fishermen, after they catch a fish that’s too small, will throw him back into the water, but it’s unheard that a fisherman will brag when the fish slips away!