Rruga e Kombit, €5 per Trip

As of March 23, 2018, citizens will pay €5 euros to pass through the Milot–Morina highway segment of the Rruga e Kombit (National Highway) to Kosovo. Drivers will pay the toll at the entrance and exit of the tunnel of Kalimash.

The €5 highway toll was part of the concession contract the government and the Turkish company Vendeka Bilgi Teknolojileri Ltd. signed in December 2016. According to this contract, the company will be responsible for the maintenance of the Rruga e Kombit for 30 years.

The Milot–Morina highway trajectory is 114 km long, 25 of which, the Milot-Rrëshen segment, comprises a normal two-lane freeway, while the remaining Rrëshen–Morina segment will be mainly made up of four lanes. Many of the bridges on the trajectory remain unfinished.

In a response PD leader Lulzim Basha, who was Minister of Public Works and Transport  when the Rruga e Kombit was initiated, claimed that as soon as the PD would retake power the toll would be canceled. As the toll is part of a concession contract, such a move would probably lead to international arbitration.