Constitutional Judge Tusha Passes Vetting

Constitutional Court judge Vitore Tusha has been successfully reassessed, and has passed the vetting procedure.

The decision regarding Tusha’s figure was published today by the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK).

Tusha is the first judge to successfully pass this reassessment. Of the two judges that underwent it previously, none passed. Besnik Imeraj resigned, while Fatos Lulo was dismissed as he was not able to justify his wealth.

The hearing where KPK appraised the judge’s wealth declarations and further cross-examined her took place on April 4.

The judge received a positive appraisal with regards to her wealth, figure and personal abilities. According to the report presented at the hearing, Tusha’s wealth declarations were unproblematic, the Inspectorate of the High Council of Justice had no qualms regarding her personal qualifications, and the Classified Information Security Directorate deemed the judge suitable to continue her duty within the judiciary.