KPK: Judge Trezhnjeva May Have Concealed His Assets

The Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) announced today its suspicions that Durrës Appeals Court judge, Besim Trezhnjeva, is concealing his assets. The KPK’s suspicions come as a result of Trezhnjeva’s declaration of wealth at the High Inspectorate of the Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interest (ILDKPKI).

According to ILDKPKI, Trezhnjeva’s declaration of wealth is inaccurate. The KPK report, read at the end of the hearing, stated:

After a deep analysis, we have come to the conclusion that Trezhnjeva submitted a fake declaration and he lacks legal income sources. The investigation has determined that his declaration relating to his wife’s income is fake.

According to KPK and ILDKPKI, the judge has been unable to justify an amount of approximately 200 million lekë.

Trezhnjeva’s attorney has demanded a group of independent experts be appointed to reassess the judge’s wealth, but his request was rejected on the basis that the KPK is well equipped to do a reassessment on its own.

After the hearing, Trezhnjeva told the media that his income from 1981–1994 hadn’t been taken into account.

The KPK’s final decision on whether Trezhnjeva, judge at the Durrës Appeals Court, will be successfully reassessed will be published Friday, at 1 p.m.

Trezhnjeva is a candidate for the High Judicial Council, a new institution set to replace the High Council of Justice. Trezhnjeva previously served as head of the Shkodra Appeals Court and as member of the High Council of Justice.