Arrested Rruga e Kombit Protesters Seek Release from Prison

The 11 arrested Rruga e Kombit protesters appealed the decision of the Court of First Instance in Tirana to leave them awaiting trial in jail.

They demand that the court’s decision that they be remanded in custody be struck down and that they be released.

Their appeal will be reviewed by the Appeals Court in Shkodra

The protesters stand accused of “destruction of property”; “destruction of property by fire”; “opposing an official of the public order police” and “committing arbitrary acts.”

Even though the protesters denied their guilt and claim they were arrested illegally, on April 4 the Court of First Instance in Tirana decided they would await trial in jail.

During the same hearing, the court also decided two other protesters would be placed house arrest, while 10 others were issued an obligation to appear before the court. They were accused of the same offenses as the 11 protesters that were left in jail.

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