KPK Dismisses Constitutional Court Judge Altina Xhoxhaj

Today, the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) dismissed Constitutional Court judge Altina Xhoxhaj, for failing to justify her wealth.

The decision was reached today by KPK members, Etleda Çiftja, Brunilda Bekteshi, and Genta Tafa Bundo.

According to the KPK report, Xhoxhaj is unable to justify the purchase of a 101 sq.m. house in Tirana and a house in Gjiri i Lalëzit.

Xhoxhaj, who requested an extension in order to file additional documentation on her income, opposed the KPK verdict and declared that she would appeal it.

Xhoxhaj is the third Constitutional Court judge to leave her position as a result of the vetting process.

KPK also dismissed judge Fatos Lulo, whereas judge Besnik Imeraj resigned a few days before his KPK hearing took place.

The next one to face KPK will be Constitutional judge Fatmir Hoxha, hose hearing is scheduled for May 7.

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