KPK Starts Vetting of 36 Judges and Prosecutors

The Independent Qualification Commission announced today the opening of the dossiers of 36 additional judges and prosecutors.

The list included 7 candidates for the vacancies left at the Constitutional Court, Councillors at the High Court and Constitutional Court, as well as 9 judges from the Serious Crimes Court.

Only three prosecutors were included in this round, including Besim Hajdarmataj, known for his role in the case against former Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri.

In total, the KPK has so far opened 176 dossiers, leading so far to three confirmations, five dismissals, and fourteen resignations.

Yesterday the KPK confirmed Manjola Xhaxho judge at the Court of First Instance in Tirana and candidate for the High Judicial Council (KLGj). She is the first KLGj candidate to pass the vetting, after Besim Trezhnjeva was dismissed and Brunilda Kasmi resigned.