Durrës Prosecution Office, Main Server and Files Stolen

The Durrës Prosecution Office has been robbed for the second time in a few days. Last night, unidentified persons have stolen the Prosecution Office’s main server, as well as several dossiers from the prosecution headquarters.

The police suspect an inside job as the thieves entered through the front door using keycards used only by prosecution staff to open the interior doors.

According to what information has become available until now, at a time when a full inventory has not yet been completed, one of the offices from which files have been taken has been that of Task Force prosecutor Afrim Shehu. The latter mainly dealt with files of corruption of high officials.

This is the second time in a few days that the Durrës Prosecution Office has been targeted by robbers. On May 8, still unidentified persons violently robbed the Prosecution’s confidential mail office. It is not yet known what cases the documentation taken pertained to.

Immediately following this robbery, Durrës head prosecutor Donika Prela was appointed head of the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office in Tirana, after Temporary General Prosecutor Arta Marku dismissed Besim Hajdarmataj. At May 9, Anita Jella became the director of the Durrës Prosecution Office.