Durrës Prosecution Office, What Files Were Likely Stolen – Exit Explains

The Durrës Prosecution Office has been robbed twice in two weeks. On May 8, still unidentified persons violently robbed the Prosecution’s confidential mail office, while on Thursday morning the prosecution’s main server and several files from the office of prosecutor Afrim Shehu were stolen.

Another office that has been robbed belonged to the Judiciary Police officer who was working with prosecutor Afrim Shehu, as part of the “Force of the Law” task force.

According to Exit’s sources, Shehu was responsible for files having to do with organized crime and corruption of high officials, namely:

  • The investigative dossier of the extradition of Nazer Seiti, in whose extradition, Arta Marku herself was involved. This file was transferred to the Durrës Task Force in January 2018.
  • The investigative dossier on the 613 kg shipment of cocaine seized in Maminas in February 2018. This file was transferred to the Durrës Prosecution Office in March 2018, when the office was still under the direction of Donika Prela, one of Arta Marku’s confidants.
  • The investigative dossier regarding the truck carrying eight tonnes of cannabis, seized in Italy, that had managed to go through two important border patrols in Qafë Thana and Durrës unscathed, and whose customs clearance documentation had been prepared by the company owned by the wife of the Elbasan mayor.
  • The investigative dossier regarding the parole release of Lulzim Berisha, in which Durrës mayor Vangjush Dako is also involved.
  • The investigative dossier on the judges who decided on the misappropriation of the plot of land where the Vollga building is located, in which Emiljano Shullazi was also involved.
  • The investigative dossier regarding the misappropriation of seaside property in Ishëm, where 4 persons have been arrested, including Sulejman Ibrahimi, former mayor of Ishëm.

Additionally, Shehu was also investigating two important directors in the Durrës municipality:

  • The investigative dossier regarding illegal permits within the protected area in Durrës, granted by the Territory Planning and Development Director in the Durrës municipality.
  • The investigative dossier on the officials of the Construction Inspectorate in the Durrës municipality.

Following the appointment of Temporary General Prosecutor Arta Marku, the Durrës Prosecution Office has turned into one of the most important Prosecution Offices, receiving many dossiers from the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office and the Tirana Prosecution Office. It was for this reason that Marku appointed Donika Prela, on of her closest friends, as head of the Durrës Prosecution Office in January 2018, after illegally dismissing Agron Gjana.

On May 9, the day after the confidential mail office was broken into, instead of demanding accountability from the head of the Prosecution Office, Arta Marku promoted Donika Prela to head of the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office, replacing Besim Hajdarmataj.

Prela was replaced as head of the Durrës Prosecution Office by Anita Jella, who had been the deputy head prosecutor until then.

Anita Jella is also a close confidant of Arta Marku. Marku and Jella used to be in the same group during their studies in law school. Besides promoting Jella, Marku also appointed the former’s husband, Erjon Shqarri, from his position as prosecutor in Vlora, to the General Prosecution Office.