KPK, No Problems with Judge Shehu’s Wealth Declarations

The Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) has not found any infractions in the declaration of wealth of Kurbin judge Marçela Shehu, and it seems she will successfully pass the vetting process and be reconfirmed.

The KPK held this morning its first hearing on Shehu’s case. The KPK relator declared that the judge’s wealth declarations weren’t found to be problematic and she received positive evaluations for her wealth and professional capabilities from the High Inspectorate of the Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interest (ILDKPKI) and the National Security Agency (DSIK).

Shehu is part of the priority vetting list as she is a candidate for the High Judicial Council (KLGj). The KPK ruling on Shehu will be announced on June 4.

So far, judges Vitore Tusha and Manjola Xhaxho and prosecutor Fatjona Memçaj have successfully passed the vetting process and have been reconfirmed.

The Constitutional Court judge Besnik Ymeraj resigned, but his file was referred by KPK to the prosecution office for investigation, while judges Fatos Lulo, Besnik Trezhnjeva, Altina Xhoxhaj and Fatmir Hoxha and prosecutor Besa Nikëhasani were fired for failing to justify their wealth.

Meanwhile, other judges and prosecutors have resigned without undergoing the vetting process. You can find more on resignations and dismissals of the judiciary system members once after the enactment of the Justice Reform here and here.