KPK Approves Prosecutor Anila Leka’s Asset Declarations

It seems prosecutor Anila Leka will be successfully reconfirmed, as the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) did not find any discrepancies in her files.

KPK held a hearing with the General Prosecution Office prosecutor today. At the conclusion of the hearing, the head of the judicial body stated that Leka’s wealth, integrity, and professional abilities were assessed and no problems had been found.

Regarding Leka’s wealth declarations, the High Inspectorate of the Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interest (ILDKPKI) declared that Leka did not file any false declarations and does not have any illegal sources of income.

Leka herself labelled the process transparent and did not contest KPK’s final conclusions.

The final ruling on Anila Leka’s vetting will be announced on June 6.

Leka was part of a priority vetting list, as she is a candidate to be part of the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP).

Anila Leka began her prosecutor career in 2004. Besides working in the General Prosecution, she also was employed as an expert in the College of Law.