Rruga E Kombit Protesters Has Had Cardiac Arrest in Custody

Florjan Onuzi, one of the protesters arrested after the Rruga e Kombit protests, has suffered a cardiac arrest during his stay in custody.

The incident took place several weeks ago, however the news was kept secret by the affiliated institutions.

35-year-old Florjan Onuzi is currently in the Kukës hospital with no risk to his life.

Florjan’s father, Servet Onuzi, explained for the media that Florjan suffered cardiac arrest in the first week of May, inside his cell. He was afterwards sent to the Tirana hospital and, after his condition became stabilized, he was sent to the Kukës hospital, near his relatives.

Following his health issues, Onuzi was released from jail via a court ruling. He is now only required to be present during his upcoming trial.

Meanwhile, three other protesters remain under arrest after the protest against the Rruga e Kombit highway toll.