Vetting, the numbers so far

The process of reassessing members of the judiciary system, otherwise known as the vetting process, started in November 2017 and will include over 800 judges and prosecutors, as well as a number of other employees of the justice system.

Since the administrative investigation into the second batch of dossiers has begun, the results of the vetting are: 13 judges and prosecutors have resigned, 5 have been reconfirmed, 5 have been dismissed, and 2 of them are awaiting a ruling.

The Constitutional Court

So far, the Constitutional Court is the institution that has been hit the hardest by the vetting process. Out of nine members, only one has successfully passed the vetting and has been reconfirmed, whereas for two others the vetting process has yet to begin.

So, Vitore Tusha is the only current member of the Constitutional Court, while Fatos Lulo, Altina Xhoxhaj and Fatmir Hoxha have been dismissed for failing to justify their wealth.

Besnik Imeraj, Sokol Berberi and Vladimir Kristo resigned before the vetting process began.

The two remaining members, the head of the Court Bashkim Dedja and Gani Dizdari have yet to have their hearings with the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK).


All the judges that have faced KPK so far have been part of a priority vetting list as they have been candidates for seats in the High Judicial Council (KLGj).

Out of three judges that have been investigated so far, only two of them have passed the vetting process. So, Tirana Court judge Manjola Xhaxho and Kurbin Court judge Marçela Shehu have been reconfirmed.

Meanwhile, Durrës Appeals Court judge Besim Trezhnjeva was dismissed by KPK for failing to justify his wealth.

The ruling of Supreme Court judge Edmond Islamaj is expected to be announced in the following days.


All the prosecutors who have undergone the vetting process so far have also been part of a priority vetting list as candidates for seats in the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP).

Out of three prosecutors to have been vetted so far, two of them, Tirana Appeals Prosecution Office prosecutor Fatjona Memçaj, and General Prosecution Office prosecutor Anila Leka have been reconfirmed.

Meanwhile, Shkodra Appeals Prosecution Office prosecutor Besa Nikëhasani was dismissed as a result of being unable to justify their wealth.

The ruling regarding the reconfirmation of Serious Crimes Prosecution Office prosecutor Dritan Prençi is expected to be announced in the following days.

Judges and prosecutors who resigned or withdrew without undergoing the vetting process

10 judges and prosecutors, besides the three Constitutional Court members, have resigned before undergoing the vetting process.

  • Mirela Fana – Supreme Court judge, chairperson of the Council of Judicial Nominations (KED);
  • Ilir Pashaj – Elbasan Court judge;
  • Drita Velaj – Kukës Court judge;
  • Ilir Çeliku – Vlora Appeals Court judge;
  • Ermir Beta – prosecutor;
  • Sulejman Tola – prosecutor;
  • Adriatik Llalla – did not exercise his right to re-enter the judiciary following the end of his term as General Prosecutor;
  • Brunilda Kasmi – Tirana Court judge;
  • Merita Xhani – Durrës Court judge;
  • Nazmie Pengili – Kruja Court judge.


According to data from the Special Appellate Commission, four of KPK’s rulings have been appealed.

Former Constitutional Court member Fatos Lulo appealed the KPK ruling himself, whereas the three other rulings, regarding Mirela Fana, Sulejman Tola, and Adriatik Llalla, were appealed by the Public Commissioner.