PM Rama’s Austrian Exhibition Curated by Socialist MP

After a break of several months, Prime Minister Edi Rama has again organized an exhibition of his own work. On June 27, the exhibition “Fantastic Notes by the Albanian Prime Minister” will open at the Landesgalerie in Burgenland, a canton of Austria.

The exhibition opening follows his recent official visit to Austria and fits into the pattern of private exhibitions opened in the wake of foreign trips of the Prime Minister. For example, in April 2015, he opened an exhibition entitled “Calendar Flowers” in Galerie Michael Schultz while in Germany to meet the Prime-Minister of Baden-Württemburg and visit the Mercedes Benz Museum; and in November 2015, he opened his exhibition “Calendar Blossoms” at the Jao Tsung-I Academy while on an official visit to Hong Kong to meet Governor Leung Chun-Ying and attend the Hong Kong–Albania Trade & Investment Forum.

The Burgenland exhibition is curated by Fate Velaj, who is Prime Minister Rama’s former “adviser for cultural diplomacy and Albanian European Renaissance,” and current MP for the Socialist Party. Velaj has gone on record to state that “We should not forget that Rama is an artist and in the deepness of his conscience he wants to remain like this and resolve struggles … in the most artistic way possible.”

It is unclear what struggles Prime Minister Rama will solve with his next exhibition, which most probably is in flagrant violation of the Law on Archives, which regulates the storage of official paperwork in the National Archives of Albania.